West Limerick A.C. – Day of 5k’s


Attention Club Members

We are having a club race event!!!

Exclusive to West Limerick Athletics Club Members Only. Our Day of 5k’s is on November 19th from 11am at the Limerick Regional Athletics Hub.

It will be the first event at the new venue.

This event will only be possible if we have enough volunteers to help record race results. We need your help.

While this is the 5k race for those completing our C25K , it is open to all club members over the age of 13. (Unless previous recorded experience at this distance e.g Parkrun).

We will be having timed 5k races in groups which will be sorted according to estimated finishing times.

The club will provide this event free of charge to all current members who have registered for 2023.

We are encouraging everyone to take part by racing or volunteering on the day.

There will be a race medal along with teas & coffees available on the day.

Entries & Volunteers must be submitted by November 5th to Kevin O’Donoghue via the Club members Whatsapp.

We will arrange the groups by finishing time the week before the event. Runners will be in a group with those of similar ability. Each club member will be assigned a race number for the event. 

This will help with recording results for each group.


Want to Join The Club?

Adult Membership is currently open. If you have been a member of a different Athletics Club in the past 3 years a Transfer Form is required. Please contact us and we will assist with the transfer.