Our Club caters for all abilities from the complete novice to those who wish to compete at a high level. We have 3 different Training Groups, Juvenile, Fit for Life & Senior.

Senior Training

We have a large, friendly senior group, with athletes competing in middle- and long-distance road racing (5k to marathon), track and Cross Country. The club has runners competing at county, national and international level.

Training for senior runners takes place on Tuesday evenings at 7pm on the Limerick Greenway and in the Desmense during the summer months.

Training generally consists of a tempo run or interval session. If you’re new, just come along to training. Warm up and then join the group. The trainer will explain the training format for the night.

Weekend Runs
Many members meet up at the weekends for longer distance runs This training is not organised by the club, so chat to other members to see what mileage and pace they are doing and you’ll find a group that suits.

Juvenile Training

Our objective is to provide a safe, caring, friendly and fun loving environment for children of all athletic ability. We endeavour to provide the necessary coaching expertise required to enable young athletes of all abilities to reach their full potential.

The minimum age for athletes is 7 years to training with and 8 years to compete in events.

Training takes place on all weather facilities in winter time and on the grass in the Desmense during the summer months.

Although we have a dedicated group of coaches, new coaches and volunteers are always welcome.

Fit For Life

Fit 4 Life is a beginner to intermediate running group.

We cater for the complete novice and is an excellent way to get into being more active.
Whether you want to start running or lose weight we offer an introduction to running for all types.

Fit 4 life can help you improve your running and fitness and help you train for a race.

Lots of people who have never run before have benefited from our Fit 4 Life programs.
No matter what your ability come along to the Fit 4 Life group and give it a go.

Training takes place on Tuesdays on the Limerick Greenway at 7pm with coach Mark Ryan.

Want to Join The Club?

Adult Membership is currently open. If you have been a member of a different Athletics Club in the past 3 years a Transfer Form is required. Please contact us and we will assist with the transfer.