Juvenile CLub News 13-10-21


Juvenile Cross Country

Juvenile county cross country uneven ages 2021

On Sunday October 10th we hosted the county juvenile uneven ages, intermediate and senior cross country championships in the demesne, Newcastle west. Sunday was a beautiful warm autumns day and the conditions were perfect for cross country running. The course was mainly flat except for one small hill and the running surface was fantastic apart from a few bumps along the way. The juveniles once again did the club very proud by put on amazing performances and cheering each other on. We also had lots of smiling faces both before and after the races which was great to see! It was a memorable and fantastic day out.

Juvenile Results:
U9 girls- our under 9 girls were super. We had team of 7 strong girls to start off the day. Elsa fahy had a brilliant performance to earn herself a bronze medal with a third place finish following shortly were Jodie Barrett, Emily Kirwan, Mollie Buckley who got enough points to finish third as a team. Chloe Riordan, Olivia Enright and Emily Sheehan had fantastic performances and finished very strong.
U9 boys- we had four fantastic boys in the u9 race. Ross Kennedy, Joey Liston, Daniel McCoy and Dylan Brouder all ran brilliant to earn a bronze third place medal as a team. Well done.
U11 girls- our under 11 girls team of Eavan Lyons, Ellen Cagney, Caitlin Barrett, Leyna Cussen, Aishling Fitzgerald, Chloe Reddin, Aishling Mccaulife, Amy Lenihan, Ellie Enright, Roisin ODonoghue and Holly Feane Bande had fantastic performances, Eavan placed first to earn herself a well deserved gold medal. Ellen Cagney followed her very shortly to earn herself third place and a bronze medal. The girls u11 team placed third also, a big well done to all! 
U11 boys- our boys team of Darragh Collins, Adam Broderick, Michael McGowan, Joseph Carr, Neil McGowan,James McCoy, Johnny Curtin and Ethan Riordan put on a great display of running. Darragh placed third to earn a bronze medal and overall the team finished third.
U13 girls- Katie Lenihan had a fantastic run in the girls u13 race placing 8th overall, well done a great achievement.
U13 boys- Rage Cussen ran a strong race in the boys u13 to place 9th. Well done.
U15 boys- Tristan Kirwan placed third in the boys u15 race to win a bronze medal.  U17 girls- Maria Cagney ran a very strong 4000m running with the intermediate and senior ladies. Maria was well able to keep up earning herself a gold medal.
Well done to all our juveniles and thank you to the parents and volunteers.


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