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Name: Ian Kelly

1. What is your earliest running memory?  Community games under age I qualified for a final in Mosney but came last so I took a break for about 25 years after that.

2. Where do you draw your inspiration from? Other athletes achievements and also from family. Siobhan does lot of baby sitting  and sacrifices her own training so I can get the miles in so I try my best for her and Leah. Being told going out the door to races “Don’t come home unless you do ( a certain time ) also keeps me on my toes !!!

3. What do you consider your biggest accomplishment in athletics ? Sub 3 marathon in 2012 by 21 seconds phew. Not having a clue in my first Marathon in 2010 and coming home in 3.24 is also a day I look back at and laugh. I was late getting to the start line so had a cup of coffee and a bar of chocolate before the race. Took off with no gels or anything. Paid for it late on but was happy out for first attempt. I walked a mile of it and actually cried at the finish line for no reason at all. Great day.

4. What do you currently /did you do in your training that are/were keys to your success? Having a plan and different race targets keeps me focused. Relaxing on rest days and giving the body a chance to recover is also something I try to do more of lately.

5. How many miles on average did you run per week? 50 at moment and hope to increase bit more over next few months

6. Do you prefer road racing, track or cross country? Road racing

7. Favourite race distance? Half Marathon

8. Favourite race location/ race event to take part in? The senior cross country in Tournafulla a few years ago was definetly both the toughest and most enjoyable day I ever ran. The men were definetly separated from the boys that day real cross country racing.

9. What is/was your diet like? Used be average but over last six months have been making more effort and definitely benefiting from it mentally and physically. I’ve cut my overall body weight by 8kg since start of year and now feel I am at weight I need to be at to progress.

10. Who was/is your training partner or did/do you train solo?  Solo mainly because of shift work I could be out at 5am in morn or 10pm at night squeezing in miles but I try to make club training when I can as I find it great benefit training with a group and defo makes you push harder.

11. What is the best advice that you were given? The body achieves what the mind believes. With all the physical training that we do if you don’t have self belief you may as well stay at home. Anything is possible if your mind believes it.

12. Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by? Never stop trying, never stop believing, never give up. Your day will come.

13. If you could run with any person, past or present, who would it be? Mo Farah. Inspirational athlete and reading his books and blogs would have you bouncing off the walls with motivation.

14. Anything else you’d like to share? We have a great team spirit within West Limerick AC and I’m proud to be part of it. Our day is coming again soon !!!!!


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