Curtins Londis Adare 10k – Transfer Window


Race Transfers 

Curtins Londis Adare 10k Race Transfers:

The transfer window is open from Wednesday 25th until February 8th.

An email has been sent from Eventmaster to everyone who entered our race.

A dedicated post has been set up on our Facebook page here to try and help those wishing to transfer and those seeking a transfer.

Transfers are done through Manage My Booking within the participants Eventmaster account.

They select Transfer Ticket within their order and enter the details of the person they wish to transfer to.

NB. The transfer isn’t complete until the other person accepts the transfer and enters their details and claims the order. This is important information as if they haven’t completed the transfer and the transfer window closes they won’t be able to complete the process.

*Please note that t shirt sizes cannot be guaranteed for transfers but we will do our best to accommodate your request on the day.


Want to Join The Club?

Adult Membership is currently open. If you have been a member of a different Athletics Club in the past 3 years a Transfer Form is required. Please contact us and we will assist with the transfer.