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County Cross Country:

Karen Raine of Dooneen AC has done an incredible job researching and compiling past winners of the county Senior Cross Country Championships.

West Limerick A.C. have won the men’s Senior Cross Country team event 12 times since our formation in 1979.
Team Winners County Senior Men:

1991: John Scanlon, Henry Downes, Mike MacDomhnaill (Capt), Tom Brouder, Joe Chawke, Tom Fotzgerald.

1992: John Scanlon, Henry Downes, Mike MacDomhnail, Joe Chawke, Tom Brouder, Denis Ambrose.

1993: John Scanlon, Mike MacDomhnaill, Joe Chawke, Tom Fitzgerald, Denis Ambrose, Willie Costelloe.

1994: Mike MacDomhnaill, Joe Chawke, John Scanlon, Tom Fitzgerald, Willie Costelloe, Denis Ambrose.

2001: Pat McCarthy, C.Chawke, Fiachra MacDomhnaill, Joe O’Connor, Mike MacDomhnaill, Tomas MacDomhnaill.

2005: Pat McCarthy, Mark Dempsey, Joe Chawke, Ger Guina, Liam Healy, Mike MacDomhnaill.

2008: Pat McCartan, B Jenkins, Aogan MacDomhnaill, E Hourigan, Dermot Kearns, Ger Guina.

2009: Pat McCartan, Aogan MacDomhnaill, MIke O Brien, Ger Guina, Joe Chawke, Eamonn Hourigan.

2010: Pat McCartan, Mike O Brien, Ger Guina, Aogan MacDomhnaill, David Richardson, Joe Chawke.

2011: Pat McCartan, Aogan MacDomhnaill, Ger Guina, Niall O Callaghan, David Richardson, John O’Shea

2014: Niall O Callaghan, Ger Guina, Mike O Brien, Fiachra MacDomhnaill, Aaron O Brien, Mike Brosnahan.

2020: Declan Guina, Karl Lenihan, Mike Sheehy, Niall O Callaghan, Ger Guina, John Whittaker.

*1998 Barry O’Callaghan & Niall O’Callaghan won with Limerick AC

*1999 Niall O Callaghan won with Limerick AC

Individual Winners County Senior Men:

Two men have dominated the county Senior Cross Country scene. Sean O’Sullivan from Tournafulla who won his 16th county senior individual title in 1975 and Robert Costelloe who won his 16th in 1992. Since the mid 90’s there have been many repeat winners but not to the same extent as Sean or Robert.

Individual Club Winners:

1991: John Scanlon

1993: Mike MacDomhnaill

1995: John Scanlon

Members who won with other clubs:

*1998 – Barry O Callaghan – Limerick A.C.

Team Winners County Senior Women:

2008: Lisa Horgan, Verena Tarpey, Juliette Frost, Carmel MacDomhaill, Bernie Barron, Alison Ledger

2014: Carolyn Hayes, Noelle Ahern, Fiona Bourke, Caroline Conroy, 

Individual Winners County Senior Women:

1997: Paula Corbett

2014: Carolyn Hayes

Member who won with other clubs:

* 1998 Fiona Collins (Bourke) – Limerick A.C.

** 2002 Carol O Regan – Unattached 

Link to all previous results can be found here


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