County Juvenile Track & Field 2021


County Juvenile Track and Field 2021

We were delighted to have a club record juvenile turnout for this year’s Limerick County Juvenile track and Field event in the University of Limerick. After missing a year of track competition due to Covid it was fantastic to have so many enthusiastic juvenile athletes from around the county representing their clubs. For some it was their first track race in two years and for many it was their first ever experience competing on a track.

It was a day of medals, some tears and lots of smiles and laughs. It can be quite daunting at times for members and especially those new to athletics. We in West Limerick Athletics Club could not be prouder of all our young members for representing us so well.

Our athletes competed so well throughout the day and really put in some brilliant performances. The effort put in at training shone through. The club would like to thank our coaches Mike Cussen, Aogan MacDomhnaill, Olivia Fitzgerald, Tara Carr, Paula Corbett, Catriona Lenihan, Kevin O Donoghue and Tom Galvin for the training since our return to action. Thank you also to the athletes parents for the help and support of all of our young members.

Coaches Mike Cussen & Aogan MacDomhnaill

Under 9 girls – Emily Sheehan was 1st in the 60m , winning her heat and the final. Emily is only recently in the club this was a brilliant debut. Both Emily Sheehan and Emily Kirwan both competed in the 60m, 300m, Long Jump and U10 Relay events. 

Under 10 girls – Erin Broderick, Holly Feane Banda, Roisín O’Donoghue and Caitlin Barrett competed in the 60m, 500m, Long Jump and Relays.

Under 11 girls – Leyna Cussen, Eavan Lyons, Ellen Cagney and Aisling McAuliffe competed in 80m, 600m, Long Jump and relays.

Leyna was 2nd in both 80m and 2nd in 600m , Eavan was 1st in the  600m.

Eavan and Leyna were on the U12 relay team that finished in 3rd.

Under 12 girls – Ciara Lanigan, Lilly Ann Cremin and Saoirse O’Donoghue competed across a number of events including 80m, 600m, Long Jump and Relay.

Ciara was 2nd in the 600m and ran very strongly in the 80m , Lilly Ann Cremin was 2nd in the Long Jump.

Ciara & Lilly Ann were on the U12 relay team that finished in 3rd.

Under 13 Girls – Sarah Cagney , Emma Curtin and Andrea Carr competed across a number of events including 80m, 200m, 600m,800m, Long Jump and relays. Sarah and Andrea ran in U13 and U14 relay races.

Under 14 girls – Evelyn Fitzgerald and Isla Curtin competed in 80m, 200m, 800m, Long Jump and relays. Evelyn ran in the U14 and U15 relay teams.

Under 15 girls – Aoife McCarthy and Anna Fitzgerald competed in 100m, 200m 800m, Long Jump and Relays. Aoife also competed in the hurdles. After a fall in the hurdles Aoife put in some great performances in the evening session.

Junior Women – Maria Cagney ran well in the 200m. 

Under 9 boys – Alex O Sullivan and Jamie Barrett competed in the 60m, 300m, Long Jump and U10 relay

Under 10 boys – Leroy Cremin, Danny Liston, Daniel Hough and Michael McGowan competed in 60m, 500m, Long Jump and Relays. Danny Liston was 2nd in the 60m final. Leroy Cremin was 3rd in the Long Jump.

Under 11 boys – This age group was our largest on the entry list. We had Cian Cussen, Jamie Kenrick, Johnny Curtin, Joseph Carr, Neil McGowan, Ryan Cummins, Adam Broderick, James McCoy and Michael O’Donovan taking part. There were some great performances across 80m, 600m, Long Jump and Relays.

Darragh Collins was 2nd in 80m and 1st in 600m,

Under 12 Boys – Calum Kenrick and Fergus Maharg competed in the 80m, 600m and Long Jump.

Under 13 boys – Rafe Cussen competed across a number of events throughout the day including 80m, 200m, 600m and Long Jump.

Under 14 boys – Tristan Kirwan, Garvan Lyons and Sean Maharg competed across 80m, 200m, 800m and Long Jump. Tristan was 1st in 200m and 3rd in 800m. Garvan was 4th and Sean 5th in 800m. Garvan was 4th in the hurdles and very unlucky to clip the last hurdle in an exciting race. Garvan was also 4th in the Long Jump.

Under 15 boys – Josh Cummins was 3rd in hurdles in the morning session and 1st in the Long Jump. Josh also ran the 100m and 200m.

Under 16 boys – Luke Broderick was 4th in 100m, 4th in 800m, 2nd in the Shot Putt and also competed in the long jump. 

Junior Men – Kalum Feane-Banda had a productive first day with the club. Kalum was 3rd in the Long Jump, 3rd in the Shot Putt

Thank you to Limerick county board and the volunteers who put on such a successful day. Without the officials we would not have events to participate in.


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