Carmel MacDomhnaill – Members Interviewed

Members Interviewed

Name: Carmel Mac Domhnaill
Years involved in Athletics:    38
Other sports participated in: A little camóige in school  back in the day !

  1. What is your earliest running memory?   I ran a road race in Tulla when I was about 10 or eleven  I ran in my summer frock and sandals (days before lycra and nike air )  and I actually won the race however I lost the medal as I cycled home afterwards. It was some type of championship I think.
  2. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from all the great runners I’ve encountered over the years. In the early days of West Limerick, Mike Mac Domhnaill Tom Brouder, John Scanlon Pat Mc Carthy and lots more showed what a small club could achieve, they paved the way for the future and kept athletics alive in West Limerick. Im also greatly inspired by master athletes like Carmel Parnell from Cork and Joe Gough from Waterford who have both won gold on world stage as o/60 s  

  1. What do you consider your biggest accomplishment in athletics?

While I’ve been running for decades I think my greatest achievements came in my later years. It was always an honour to make the Irish masters cross-country team. I was fortunate to be on three teams. I always take pride in getting national championship medals and last year I won 4 gold on track together with 1 national cross-country   1 national 10 k.

  1. What do you currently /did you do in your training that are/were keys to your success?

I’ve always included a long run in my training and Joe Chawke’s Tuesday track sessions have been in my schedule for many years. I also use races as training and would race most weekends.

  1. How many miles on average did you run per week?

About 30   -35

  1. Do you prefer road racing, track or cross country?

Road is by far my preference.

  1. Favourite race distance?

I love 5k  


  1. Favourite race location/ race event to take part in?

I run races all over and I must say Rathfarnham 5k is my favourite , perhaps because it has lots of downhill.

  1. What is/was your diet like?

I try to eat natural and organic food and avoid too much processed stuff. If it comes from the earth then it can’t be too harmful?   Lots of water and everything in moderation. The odd Gloinne Guinness is good for iron and does no harm.   

  1. Who was/is your training partner or did/do you train solo?

I tend to train on my own most days except for track session.

Now that my 3 daughters are accomplished athletes I sometimes get to do long runs with them.

  1. What is the best advice that you were given?

Be prepared to hurt and get the mind focussed!!   Mike always gave me that advice not that I always took it!!

Cross train when injured is great advice,  it makes returning to competition so much easier.


  1. Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by?

Ár sláinte ár   táinte – One cannot say that too often. While times are important, the main thing is being able to run and enjoy the freedom it gives us.

  1. If you could run with any person, past or present, who would it be?

I would love to run with Catherina Mc Kiernan and admire her so much. It’s amazing to see her running 17.30 for 5k as an over 45. I’m looking forward to her workshop with West Limerick later in year.

  1. Anything else you’d like to share?

Just to encourage more women to get involved in athletics, it’s a wonderful sport and a sport for life. I never thought I’d be wearing an Irish singlet as an over 60!!  Didn’t think it was possible to be that old !!


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