We are starting a 12 week training programme to help get our community active. We will be meeting on Tuesdays and Thursday from 8pm to 9pm. All are welcome

Over the next 12 weeks the aim is to complete a 5k run without stopping. Remember to be patient, you will do this at your own pace and what you feel comfortable with. Enjoy your training with the group, have chats and have fun.

The group trainers are Mike Cussen, Denis Fitzgerald , Tara Carr and Kevin O’Donoghue. From time to time other members of West Limerick AC will fill in to offer some encouragement to the group.

Attached here are your training plan , a screening form from the Irish Heart foundation and some useful running information.

Enjoy the next few weeks and get to know some new people while you are being active.

Please visit the following link for forms:

Health Screening Form 

Running Information

Training Plan

West Limerick Ac Adult Membership


Some other useful links :




Parkrun Newcastle West : Free weekly timed 5k run


Want to Join The Club?

Adult Membership is currently open. If you have been a member of a different Athletics Club in the past 3 years a Transfer Form is required. Please contact us and we will assist with the transfer.